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About Us

Welcome to Safety Plus World !!!
We are pleased to introduce to you Safety Plus World.  With over 22 years in the safety business we have put together some of the best brands in the world, offering pre and post sales services and guidance to our customers with only the best there is in the Safety Arena.
This could very well be the reason why Safety Plus World was voted as the Number One Safety Equipment Distributor in the Middle East in the Year 2017!

You will indeed find many companies in the region that sell Safety products, but rarely would you find a Safety Company that offers complete HSE solution.  Safety Plus World does not only provide Personal Protective Equipment, but also provides services such as Training, Consultations, Site Surveys where requested, Calibrations and Re-certifications.

We have a Team of certified and trained personnel to assist and guide you in all your HSE needs.  Other than PPE, we provide solutions in all areas such as Gas Detection, SCBAs and Fall Protection etc..  We provide Free Site Surveys where needed and recommend the best and most economical solutions to ensure that You our customer make the right decisions.

Look no Further – Safety Plus World – The Only Company in the Middle East that provides.